FishTail joins two Mentor partner programs

FishTail Design Automation Inc. has joined Mentor Graphics Corp.'s OpenDoor and ModelSim Value Added Partnership programs.

FishTail Joins Mentor Graphics OpenDoor Program and the ModelSim Value Added Partnership Program

FishTail Design Automation today announced that it has joined both Mentor Graphics (Nasdaq:MENT) OpenDoor Program and the ModelSim Value Added Partnership Program. The memberships will provide joint customers with integration between FishTail's Focus and Mentor Graphics 0-In and ModelSim products.

FishTail granted patent for technology underlying products

FishTail Design Automation Inc. said Wednesday (May 4, 2005) that the technology underlying its automated timing constraint generation products has been granted a patent by the U.S. Patent Office. FishTail said the patent encompasses the ability to generate timing exceptions such as false paths and multi-cycle paths from synthesizable design descriptions.

FishTail Granted Patent for the Automatic Generation of Timing Exceptions from Synthesizable RTL

FishTail Design Automation announced today that it has been issued patent 6,877,139 by the United States Patent Office. The new patent, titled Automated approach to constraint generation in IC design, encompasses the ability to generate timing exceptions (false paths and multi-cycle paths) from synthesizable design descriptions.

The Impact of Timing Exceptions on FPGA Performance

An article by our own James Henson in the FPGA Journal about how timing exceptions can make a speed grade or more difference to FPGA performance.

DAC ‘Trip Report’ Highlights

Fishtail's Focus, a tool that generates false and multicycle paths, won strong support.

Deepchip turns the focus on FishTail

We use FishTail Focus for almost all of our designs. We find that the quality of the netlist improves dramatically.
My overall impression was that it was very fast, incredibly simple to use (scripted), and basically worked as advertised.
Fishtail does work and points out the correct false paths and multicycle paths. 32-bit executable for Focus can handle huge designs as big as 5 million gates.

FishTail one of the Top Ten EE Design stories of 2004

Of the hundreds of EE design news stories posted in 2004, which received the most readership? This article reveals what readers regarded as important and interesting.

FishTail helps EDA raise $175,000 for cancer research

Venture capitalists, bankers, chip designers and EDA executives up to raise over $175,000 for cancer research at a fundraiser dinner-auction held in San Jose.

FishTail Expands its Sales and Support Operations around the Globe

signs distributors in Europe and Southeast Asia