FishTail and Mentor Graphics Collaborate on False Path Verification Flow

FishTail's Refocus product interfaces with Mentor's FastScan and TestKompress products to exhaustively verify false-paths at the gate-level.

Cooley Census Highlights

Feedback from eight respondents about FishTail's design constraint synthesis product, Focus, was nearly unanimous in praise of the tool.

DeepChip Congratulates FishTail

I am VERY impressed with this technology and with this company. They are some very bright folks, and they are dedicated to the success of their customers.
"They have taken a very difficult problem and provided a pragmatic solution. Anyone using timing exceptions and not using Fishtail is playing with fire."
"We use it in our flow and have found Fishtail's Focus tool is well worth the money. In our last tapeout, it caught 6 user defined exceptions which were wrongly declared, hence probably saving us a chip revision."
"We are using Fishtail on almost all of our chips and see significant benefits in terms of speed improvements. We are consistently observing reduction in negative slack when using FP's alone.

Design Constraint Solutions Circa 2006: Where’s the Value?

The real value in design constraint automation tools is in the synthesis of false paths associated with multiple clock modes, the synthesis of functional false and multi-cycle paths and the verification of user-specified multi-cycle paths.

Successful Customer Tapeout using FishTail for False-Path Synthesis and for Verification of User Multi-Cycle Paths

Over 5 blocks, the Focus tool discovered about 5,000 false paths in a cumulative run time of about 7 hours. All of the false paths were proven using 0-in at the RTL level and PrimeTime at the gate-level. We also used FishTail to verify our existing user-defined MCPs. Focus found errors in few of our user-specified MCPs; all of which were removed from our final constraint file. We just taped out this chip and our experience with the FishTail tools has been very positive.

STARC Standardizes on FishTail for Timing Exception Generation

FishTail Tools Demonstrate 50% Timing Slack Improvement in Latest STARC Production Flow

EDA Companies Tout Involvement with Japan’s STARC

STARC's latest production flow, the STARCAD-21 Flow version 3.0, would include Fishtail's technology for timing exception generation.

Interra Systems Facilitates Successful Deployment of Focus

Interra Systems, a leading provider of software building blocks for the electronic design automation industry, announced successful integration of its Verilog (CheetahTM) and VHDL (JaguarTM) analyzers into the Focus product line offered by FishTail Design Automation.

FishTail Joins Synopsys in-Sync Program

FishTail Design Automation today announced that it has joined the Synopsys, Inc., in-Sync Program to provide customers with complete interoperability between FishTail's Focus product and Synopsys Design Compiler and PrimeTime products.