FishTail Design Automation Joins Cadence Connections Program

New Flow for Verification of Merged-Mode Constraints in Encounter Timing System

STARC Endorses FishTail for Automated Merging of Multi-Mode Design Constraints for Timing Signoff

FishTail Tools Reduce STA Runtime By About 90% With No Loss of Accuracy

FishTail Design Automation has been selected for the 2012 Best of Lake Oswego Awards

in the Retail Computer Software category by the Lake Oswego Award Program committee.

STARC Endorses FishTail for Automated Merging of Multi-Mode Design Constraints

"FishTail’s automated mode-merging solution shortens P&R runtime by about 60% without impacting QoR."

Taking Exception: Verifying and Generating False and Multi-Cycle Path Constraints

There is a newcomer in this arena, however, a company with the picturesque name of Fishtail. They have a Confirm product that will validate exceptions that the user creates. But this is actually only one of a three-piece suite of tools.

The Automatic Generation of Merged-Mode Design Constraints

Focus helped reduce constraint development cycle-time by a factor of 2-3X. Focus helped in catching implementation bugs that could have been missed in conventional verification.

46th DAC Is This July’s San Francisco Treat

FishTail Design Automation has worked with Texas Instruments to create new technology and a flow for the automated generation of merged-mode design constraints.

FishTail Expands its Sales and Support Operations in Asia

Company signs JEDAT as its exclusive distributor in Japan and opens India Office.

FishTail Lays Down the Gauntlet at 2007 DAC

Customers have the opportunity to verify and generate timing exceptions (false and multi-cycle paths) on their designs on-the-spot at the show.