Portland, Oregon, May 17, 2007 – FishTail Design Automation, Inc., the golden timing constraints company, today announced that it will offer customers the opportunity to verify and generate timing exceptions (false and multi-cycle paths) on their designs at the 2007 Design Automation Conference in San Diego, California, June 4-7 at the San Diego Convention Center, booth #7669.

FishTail invites DAC attendees to schedule private demonstrations of the company’s industry-leading design constraint verification and generation products, Confirm™ and Focus™. Unlike traditional private demonstrations at DAC that work on pre-packaged designs and set tool expectations that are far removed from reality, visitors to the FishTail booth will see and experience real results on their own designs. Attendees will bring with them actual designs that they are working on and see that their existing false and multi-cycle path definitions are fraught with mistakes. They will leave the FishTail booth with formally generated timing exceptions for their designs that will have been independently proven to be correct.

“This is one ballsy move by the FishTail folks at DAC,” commented John Cooley of DeepChip.com. “It’s a refreshing change from the usual smoke & mirrors, canned demos, and hyped-up PowerPoint presentations you typically see. Even if the FishTail tool messes up, I think designers will take a strong liking to this approach for its honesty. Cool.”

Attendees will have the opportunity to assess the following claims made by FishTail:

1) Confirm is the only product in the industry that formally verifies if a false-path definition is correct and safe to apply even in the face of changing circuit delay. For more details, download the white paper “Delay-Safe False Paths” from www.fishtail-da.com/whitepaper.htm.
2) Confirm is the only product in the industry that formally verifies multi-cycle path definitions on complex designs. To view an on-line demo visit www.fishtail-da.com/demo.htm.
3) Focus is the only viable solution in the industry for the complete and comprehensive generation of false and multi-cycle paths – timing exceptions that reduce chip-implementation turn-around-time and improve quality-of-results.
4) Focus and Confirm are incredibly easy to deploy in customer design flows. Engineers do not learn about tool commands and switches. Instead, they simply point to their existing design data and review HTML reports that summarize issues in their constraint files.

“I expect DAC attendees will be curious about how our tools handle certain types of designs and constraints,” said Ajay Daga, Founder & CEO, FishTail Design Automation. “This is an excellent opportunity for them to get to the crux of the matter and find out if we offer compelling value for the designs they work on. Bring it on!”

To schedule a private suite demonstration and to learn more about what to bring to the FishTail booth to run designs, DAC attendees should visit www.fishtail-da.com/dac_reg/main.php.

About FishTail Design Automation
Founded in 2002, FishTail Design Automation has set its sights on tackling the difficult problem of precise constraints on chip timing – the area where the success or failure of a design is ultimately determined. The company’s patented technology improves chip implementation by automatically identifying exceptions to single-cycle clocking from RTL descriptions. FishTail is privately funded. For more information about FishTail and Focus, please visit the company’s website at www.fishtail-da.com.

FishTail and the Focus are trademarks of FishTail Design Automation, Inc. All other brand names and product names are the property of their respective owners.

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