FishTail Design Automation is a privately funded corporation based in Portland, Oregon.

Our Story

FishTail Design Automation offers a unique approach to improving the chip design process by automatically generating and verifying golden timing constraints early in the design cycle. FishTail also offers a solution for the management of design constraints as chip-implementation progresses. FishTail’s products allow designers to drive chip-implementation with complete constraints that are formally proven to be correct and to then manage the constraints as chip-implementation progresses. The result is improved chip timing, area and power, and a shorter chip-implementation schedule with much fewer back-end timing closure iterations. Also, by formally proving the correctness of design constraints using FishTail products, design projects eliminate the risk of silicon failure resulting from incorrect timing exceptions.

Our Technology

The breakthrough, patented technology used in FishTail’s products is based on the ability to take a large, complex RTL or gate-level design and automatically abstract the behavior and structure of the design, so as to only keep the information that is required for the task being performed. The abstraction capability allows FishTail products to generate and verify timing exceptions on multi-million gate designs in an overnight run.

FishTail Design Automation is a privately funded, early-stage corporation based in Portland, Oregon. FishTail was founded in 2002, shipped its first product in 2004 and customers first taped out using the tool in 2005.

Our Team

Ajay Daga

Ajay leads FishTail’s team. He received his PhD in Computer Engineering from The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in 1994. Ajay is passionate about delivering products and support that exceed customer expectations Apart from leaving a secure job in moribund in 2002 and founding, funding and growing
FishTail revenues, Ajay is most proud about scaling the summit of South Sister with his children.

Kevin Simpson

Kevin leads FishTail’s Software team. He received his Bachelors in Computer Science from Imperial College London in 1983 and was a Co-Founder at Internonnectix, a timing-driven place and route company that was acquired by Mentor Graphics in 1996. Kevin enjoys solving difficult problems, both abstract software issues at work, and concrete hardware issues at play., He is equally at home hunched over a computer muttering about algorithms and data structures, or up to his elbows in grease working on a mechanical issue.

John Hatfield

John Co-Founded and leads FishTail’s AE Team. He received his Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from UC, Berkeley in 1990. John’s focus is an ensuring a positive customer experience. He values quality, efficiency, and balance in his life. When he’s not working, John enjoys racing his bicycle and playing music with his daughter.

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What's new?

RTL Glitch Verification

What's new?

FishTail 2020.06

Learn about our new formal lint checks, improvements to exception generation, constraint promotion and more.

FishTail 2020.06

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