The FishTailValue Proposition

Superior Quality of Results (No Noise)

Our SDC verification solutions report no noise. Seasoned engineers do not push back when asked to review FishTail verification results.

Sophisticated Solutions to Tough Problems

Our timing exception, glitch verification, equivalence checking and mode-merging solutions are highly sophisticated and embrace the challenges faced by these tough problems.

Highly Automated & Easy to use Tools

Our solutions are highly automated, configurable and easy to deploy. They do not require extensive training.

Partner with Customers to Maximize ROI

We work closely with customers to ensure that our solutions completely meet their expectations. We greatly value customer feedback on how our technology can be improved.

What's new?

RTL Glitch Verification

What's new?

FishTail 2022.08

Learn more about our new disable timing verification flow, and ability to promote, demote and map SDC constraints while preserving user Tcl.

FishTail 2022.08

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>1000  Licenses Deployed Worldwide